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If it’s Friday on Maui, the dance floor at Moose’s Lahaina is NOT the place to be (unless you’re over 40)

Posted in Hawaii, Maui, rants, Reviews, travel with tags on January 17, 2008 by neal

Just in time for making weekend plans, here’s my synopsis of Maui’s number one last resort hotspot.

Moose McGillycuddy’s sets the benchmark for bars on Maui. Having been a sort of panoptic presence on the north part of Front Street Lahaina since 1983, Moose McGillycuddy’s is a time-tested landmark known for its cheap, decent eats, an early bird breakfast and dinner that help offset the cost of getting to and staying in Hawaii, and its relaxed, not quite down-to-earth atmosphere. I’m not sure what exactly one is to expect from “going out on Maui,” but the restaurant/bar lives up to just that after hearing the locally produced commercials Maui’s radio stations.

Don’t get my wrong, I appreciate Moose’s mastery of all that is kitsch. Alone, it gets mildly annoying and the commercials are that bad. That is the material that sets the bar for going out in Maui and it is also what I had to deal with one recent Friday night.

If there is one word to describe that experience it is not what you are probably thinking right now. Everything mentioned actually could actually be fodder for a slightly tacky, reasonably fun joint. Instead of going that route, it’s as if all that was meant for good revolted and created a beast. And that beast is dangerous. Continue reading


Where are product recalls that really matter?

Posted in consumerism, oh nose, travel on January 1, 2008 by neal
Putting all New Year’s festivities aside, I come to you with something that has wrought unending trouble to me. Today, I was at Whaler’s General Store, helping my sister pick up some tourist garbage for her to give to friends and I came across this interesting specimen.

It’s not the lead paint that undoubtedly coats this charming little dashboard ornament that concerns me. No, there is something infinitely more disconcerting.

Please, whoever designed designed poor Ku’uipo, tell me why she’s playing the violin and why she does not have a bow.