Coachella 2008 rumors dissected

The rumors about Coachella 2008 are starting to fly. In addition to Goldenvoice’s rumored back east music festival (via Idolator) there are Coachella posters floating around the Internet. I got a peek at the first one in a post that came through my RSS reader but once a friend sent me a second, mostly different one, I decided that it’s about time to take a look at these things.

Because Coachella poster tend to vary only slightly stylistically from year to year, and each year, there seems to be a hot bunch of about 30 acts that ends up attending about 70% of North America’s music festivals, the posters and lineups are easily faked.

Ever since 2001, the posters layout have included the Empire Polo Club field and palm trees in the foreground at the bottom with the backdrop being the Coachella valley and the sky above being illuminated at different times of day. The 2007 poster featured a late-afternoon/early-evening sky so it makes sense that the time of day move forward an hour or two. Both do so, but I find the night sky in the second poster to be a little ambitious.

 Exhibit A   Exhibit B

It is not the stylistic differences that would invalidate either poster, instead, the focus should be in the lineups. These are the files I worked with to count the acts.

Here are some things I like about both of them:

  • Portishead as one of the main acts
  • Radiohead as a headliner. This also coincides with that rumored Goldenvoice East festival. Radiohead last headlined in 2004, but Red Hot Chili Peppers have done the same thing, having headlined in 2003 and 2007.
  • My Bloody Valentine. They’ve already announced three shows. Why not make Coachella their first reunion show?
  • Feist and Broken Social Scene (after all, last year featured RATM and The Nightwatchman), Beirut, Cold War Kids, Architecture in Helsinki, and The Mars Volta

I do have a problem with  The Go! Team and Rilo Kiley returning after two and three years. But it could happen. There are a couple other recent returnees such as M83

The twilight hour makes more sense.

 Exhibit A

I don’t know what to think about Oukast, not My Bloody Valentine, headlining. I guess it could work, but Outkast has gone quite cold. Unless, of course, there is a surprise in the mix.

Now, there is one major problem with the nighttime poster. The guides were not added. They were included when I saved to the image. Dubious at best. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup.
 Exhibit B

Here’s my favorite part: David Bowie headlining the first night. That is an intriguing choice and it would definitely help keep 2008 out of 2007’s shadow. Really, he’s just as ambiguous and elfish Goblin Kingish as Björk and provides a good deal of celebrity power.

This poster has too many flaws and the biggest is the act count. The first day is on par with what is to be expected but the final day has only 30 acts. But who says you can be a wishful thinker? I’ll hold my breath for Bowie.

Thought, anyone?


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