More on Facebook: Dificiencies in Relationship Status Updates

Just as I was logging into my blog, I checked out the date on the most recent post and realized it has now been over a week since anything new has gone up. Please understand that with traveling down to California for my sister’s wedding and then flying to Maui and just arriving twelve hours ago, I’m not only behind on writing but I’ve got nearly 700 new postings in my RSS reader that I need to read or at least mark as read.

It is the wedding, more aptly, it is the marriage that spurs on this short post. Specifically, it was the marriage and this Facebook News Feed notice regarding my sister and the man I thought she had married (I mean, I really do have reason to believe she got married. I was there at the alter and I’m a witness on the license).

My sister has been married now for approximately 36 hours and 30 minutes. The exact amount of time passed is a little iffy to pin down as I’m not sure if we start counting from the ceremonial kiss or from the moment in the back of the chapel when the last signature was laid down on the marriage license. If the latter is the case, I’d think it all happened about five minutes before the ceremony started when the pastor shoved the marriage license in my face and barked: “Best man, sign!” I was thought she was confused because I wasn’t technically a best man. I was more of a maid of honor which I suppose makes me a man of honor. And thus, I can understand her confusion. Regardless, I would have been confused as I had no idea that marriages needed two witnesses.

In order to please my sister, who will undoubtedly be reading this post, I’ll assume the marriage went down with the kiss and will settle on 35 hours and seven minutes.

So upon seeing a certain Facebook relationship status update just moments ago, I was a little worried. Facebook relationship stati are a big thing, which is the reason why I avoid taking them seriously and why I have been in one relationship, one complicated relationship, and engaged twice in the last month. I figure that if the relationship status are true, then people will know what’s going on if my status changes. I don’t want that.

Some people do want that, though. My sister and Stu are two such people and I pay attention to the changes there. I’ll respect them for that and monitor their relationships like a hawk. For one day, I hope that there will be a girl listed “In a relationship.” And although my Facebook status will read “Engaged (or Married) to Cameron Calbeck,” that girl and I will be in a very serious relationship. And I will respect that.


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